Ignition Releases SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS

For the first time ever on Nintendo DS, two videogame powerhouses join together in a game for the small screen. Go head to head and battle with your favourite game characters from SNK and Capcom. Choose your character and prepare to enter the Card Battle Tournament. Beat each opponent using your character's fighting strategies to win bouts and earn money and in some cases, receive new cards that can be used to upgrade your deck.

Collect over 300 different cards to customise five separate decks, and take on all challengers as you fight your way to the top of 'Card Tower'. Trade duplicated cards by using the Recycle machine or stop by the shops to get new cards. For the ultimate game, challenge a friend or trade cards via the two-player link mode.

Key Features:
? Use card packs containing your favourite characters from some of SNK's and Capcom's biggest franchises;
? Over 300 different cards to use, collect and trade;
? Use strategic card arrangements to win;
? Know your characters and their special abilities and combine;
them for added value and strength;
? Challenge a friend with the Wireless Head to Head Combat Mode;
? Unique game play elements utilising the Touch Screen technology.

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