Namco Bandai Games' 'Gunpey' for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

Atari has announced the forthcoming European release of Namco Bandai Games' Gunpey based on the original concept from gaming legend Gunpei Yokoi. Re-imagined for the current generation of advanced handheld consoles by developers and creators of Lumines (PSP) and Meteos (NDS), Q Entertainment, Gunpey is a fiercely addictive and visually vibrant music-based puzzle game. Gunpey for Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable is scheduled for release across Europe in March 2007.

The gameplay in Gunpey consists of rows of panels climbing upwards from the bottom of the screen which players must flip and move to connect the lines inside the panels. When a line spans the width of the screen the panels will explode making room for more. Think fast ? it's game over if the panels rise all the way to the top of the screen. Each action by the player changes the game's music so that skilled players can even deliver their very own Gunpey musical performance.

Both the Nintendo DS and PSP versions feature wireless head to head play, and a host of game modes such as Single screen, Double screen, new Break Rule, Time Attack and more, while each console has it's own range of specific modes and features. For example, PSP players can collect up to 40 vibrant 'skins' in the Challenge Mode, then 'mix' two Skins at the same time and become a Gunpey DJ in the Double Skin Mode. Meanwhile, amongst the wealth of features available on the DS version, players can launch special attacks to temporarily disrupt their opponent's game and use the Sound Sets and Patternizer to create their own unique musical compositions.

Gunpey for PSP and Nintendo DS boasts a dazzling array of mesmerizing music-based puzzle action which will test the nerve and the musical ear of any gamer on its release in March 2007.

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