Inlogic Releases Ali The Penguin for Mobile Phones

Put yourself in the role of the penguin Ali who was chosen for a dangerous mission. Your task is to bring back a precious relic- sacred golden egg. The relic was captured by malevolent beasts battling with the nation of penguins for ages. It is going to be a hard way to the relic with many obstacles and enemies. Do not be polite to the enemies and throw snowballs at them, they deserve it. Good luck.

The game includes:
- 10 levels + bonus levels + mini games - pexeso and mines;
- excellent animations;
- detailed pixel graphics;
- 2 settings ? land and water;
- superb soundtrack and sound effects;
- funny enemies;
- top score and the possibility to compare online your score with other players from all around the world.

Ali The Penguin will support more than 250 different handsets.

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