'Warlords Nintendo DS' Signed

Strategy First and Glyphic Entertainment announce the signing of "Warlords Nintendo DS". This classic turn-base strategy title truly compliments the "Disciples II DS" that is currently under development. Warlords DS is an eight player turn-based game of conquest and empire. Different worlds provide a stage for the player to excel in combat. In the quest for final victory, gamers can assemble vast armies, conquer and loot mighty cities, undertake perilous quests, make and break alliances, and wield magical artifacts of great power. Although economics, diplomacy, and exploration weigh heavily in the outcome of each game, the primary emphasis is placed on combat.

Key Features:
? Random worlds for infinite game replay value;
? Hidden maps for extra tension and danger;
? 20 built-in scenarios to play again and again;
? Up to 8 players with hot-seat and Nintendo WiFi support;
? 28 different army types to produce for your mighty hordes;
? 4 terrains to choose from ? grasslands, desert, wastelands and frozen tundra;
? Formidable AI system to challenge even the most experienced gamers;
? Exceptional graphics and sound provide deep immersion into the game world;
? Integrated tutorial and military advisor provide an easy learning curve to novice gamers;
? Historical tracking of all statistical information ranging from military strength to diplomatic state;
? Based on the award winning Warlords franchise.

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