The Shield Game for the PC and PlayStation 2 Platforms Shipping

Aspyr Media announces that The Shield game for the PC and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system has shipped to retail stores. Based on the edgy police drama produced by Fox Television Studios and airing on the FX Network, this third-person action game is a knockdown, drag'em-out brawler that takes place in the gritty streets of the Farmington District. The Shield game brings the TV show to life by featuring the voices of several favorite cast members, including the series' star and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Michael Chiklis as Detective Vic Mackey.

In The Shield game, players are able to dive into frenetic-paced gameplay and interact with the series' trademark complex characters and unique locations in 15 levels and 33 playable areas. Players take on the role of Detective Vic Mackey, the tough, street-savvy leader of the elite Strike Team, which is a special police unit located deep within crime-riddled city streets.

The story of the game follows Vic and the rest of the elite Strike Team as they struggle to keep the streets of Farmington District safe at all costs. Vic lives by his own code of ethics, neither bad nor good, and is a different kind of a cop who is willing to do what it takes to clean up the streets. In order to succeed, players will need to operate outside the rules by intimidating suspects with brute force, accepting bribes, and holding incriminating information over those who don't agree with Vic's "ends justify the means" approach to fighting crime. Players can choose to turn in contraband to keep internal affairs off their back or place it in their lockers to build up their retirement fund. How a player chooses to enforce the law can be left out of the police report, as long as they keep their trail and the streets clean.

Key Game Features:
- Experience the volatile dynamics between Vic and his Strike Team as they fight crime on the streets;
- Peek around corners to assess the situation before launching a precise attack on your targeted perpetrators;
- Choose from an array of techniques to break difficult suspects and obtain information.

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