Telltale Ships Sam & Max Episode Two

Telltale has continued its drive for unique and compelling gaming experiences with the delivery of the second episode in the Sam & Max series. Canine shamus Sam and his rabbity-thing sidekick Max, the Freelance Police, are back on the case in their new episode, entitled "Situation: Comedy".

"Situation: Comedy" takes Sam & Max into the daunting world of broadcast television and the even more daunting talons of talk show host Myra Stump. Telltale is on track for delivering the remaining four episodes of Sam & Max: Season 1 each month through this spring.

Each Sam & Max episode will debut exclusively on GameTap, with Sam & Max Episode 3 "The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball" coming next on January 25. On February 8, fifteen days after the GameTap premiere, this episode becomes available for purchase from Sam & Max Episode 4, titled "Abe Lincoln Must Die." and Sam & Max Episode 5 "Reality 2.0" will begin distribution in the following months. While each installment features a self-contained story, the episodes also reveal clues about an insidious foe that will challenge the crimefighting duo as never before in a truly out-of-this world season finale. The title of the season's epic concluding episode will be revealed in the coming months.

The first Sam & Max episode has received high praise from reviewers and fans alike, singled out as one of the best ? and funniest ? games of the year by sources ranging from the New York Times, Yahoo and Wired to IGN and GameSpot. calls Sam & Max "gaming's first sitcom" and says it's arguably the first series to merit the term "episodic."

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