Enigma Games Releases Warriors for PC and Windows Mobile

Enigma Games have released Warriors for PC and Windows Mobile. This release adds more polish and depth to the Warriors franchise and caters to the strategy game enthusiasts.

...Warriors sends you to the land of Bors, a competitive world where combatants engage in annual tournaments to achieve glory and prestige. A practice mode and in-game strategy guide is given to those who are new to the game. Once inside the annual tournament, you'll build your team of 4 from a vast amount of available character, each with his strengths and weaknesses. This is where you will make your most crucial decisions. A balanced team and a good strategy is the key to victory. As you defeat your opponents you will accumulate score and rank which can later be uploaded to the Enigma Games website for display on the Warriors Leaderboard. Can you defeat the gods? Enigma Games has also added a championship mode for expert gamers. In this special tournament your opponents are compiled from past champion clans of Bors. Prove that you are worthy of standing face to face with the Wargods.

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