Eledees Power-up Konami's First Title for Wii

Konami has confirmed its first title for Nintendo's Wii video game system. Entitled Eledees due this spring, it is an original catch and seek title that uses the Wii hardware's unique control system to search for and capture the titular mischievous Eledee creatures. With its clever gameplay elements and innovative control, the title has already received praise and awards overseas. ...The only source of the energy for more than 10,000 years in a world without electricity, gasoline or nuclear power, Eledees are mischievous and mysterious creatures that have been essential to the growth of mankind. While humans and Eledees have always lived in harmony, a recent lightning storm has caused them to act strangely, abandoning their duties and going into hiding. Players take on the role of a young boy named Kai as he searches to find out what happened to the Eledees and restore them to their original friendly state.

Kai has a number of advanced tools that will help him as he attempts to track down the misbehaving creatures. He has access to a powerful Capture Gun that allows him to grab Eledees as well as lift, move and rotate any object he comes across. As they collect different Eledees, players can increase the power of their Capture Gun and also activate different items in the game world such as appliances and machines that will help uncover more Eledees.

Using the unique Wii Remote, players can truly immerse themselves in the world of Eledees as the on-screen action matches their movements, including rotating, throwing, pushing and pulling objects. Through the more than 25 stages in Eledees' single player story mode, players will encounter more than 15 different types of Eledees creatures, each with their own unique personality traits and foibles that will require a different strategy to capture them.

Eledees also features an in-depth Edit Mode that allows users to create their own stages by selecting the exact placement of every item and Eledee in the area. Using the Wii Remote, players can devise a variety of stages with different goals and gameplay parameters. These can then be traded with other players using Nintendo's WiiConnect24 service, providing unparalleled replay value and variety while fostering a strong online community.

Eledees can be played by up to four people simultaneously in the game's Multiplayer Mode. This pits players against each other to see who can gather the most wattage in a given amount of time, while the multiplayer mode also lets players compete in any of the game's single-player levels as well as user created levels from the game's Edit Mode.

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