Finesse Announces Partnership with JavArt

Finesse Mobile has entered into a partnership agreement with JavArt to distribute their latest puzzle game, Domino Quake. Finesse has worked with JavArt to produce localised versions of the game in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese to accompany the original Italian version and will make the game available to its extensive network of international partners.

Finesse will be launching the game at the beginning of January 2007 and it will be available on over 250 handsets.

...Young Dragon Gus O'Line has entered the World Domino Quake Championship. You need to help him through the 60 individual puzzles to take him to the winning line. In each puzzle the aim is simple; line up the dominoes so that when one is pushed they all tumble in sequence with the green domino always being the last to fall. There are different items to help you complete the puzzles along the way, springs, guns, a springboard and even dynamite and the action takes place against the backdrop of some exotic locations from the Rapa Nui Islands of India to the golden sands of the Sphinx.

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