Key characters in Trapt

Trapt's storyline is a complex and multilayered affair that includes many cameo roles ? predominantly from those that have been sent to destroy Allura. But, away from the day-to-day intrigue of her Black Forest mansion hideaway, a bigger drama begins to unfold for the exiled princess. Here are the key players in this dark tale.

Allura is the heroine of the story. Once the princess of Fronenberg, she became caught up in an ugly plot taking place behind the scenes of her palace home. Framed for her father's murder, Allura was then forced to flee the palace where she was born and raised. Escaping the castle, she found refuge in a mansion hidden deep within the Black Forest. Here the Hand of Evil, a part of the Devil himself, came to her and gave her magical control over all of the mansion's traps. With this power, she now faces a relentless procession of enemies all wanting to destroy her.

Rachel is Allura's maid, and yet is also responsible for her education and her wellbeing. Rachel is one of the princesses' few allies and, for Allura, she is not only her maid but also a substitute mother, sister, and friend. As such, Rachel's counsel is invaluable.

Catalina is a second wife of King Olaf and stepmother to Allura. King Olaf's constant longing for his previous wife has deeply wounded Catalina's pride as a woman. This has led her to harbour a strong hatred towards Allura. Catalina has also taken advantage of the King, who has become a mere shell of a man, and has used his weakness to hatch a plot against him. Ultimately, she plans to take the kingdom for herself.

Jais is a loyal knight of King Olaf's court. He was brought up in an orphanage, but always dreamed of one day becoming a knight. Now Jais has achieved this dream and is considered the best swordsman in Fronenberg. He strives to save orphans like himself, but the kingdom has continued to fall into disarray despite his best efforts to save those it now neglects.

Ada is a notorious female thief. The fact that she has an excellent fighting technique with knives has also led her to work as an assassin. It seems that she was involved in the murder of the King in some manner but, currently, there is a veil of mystery surrounding her actions. Occasionally, she gives advice to Allura, however her motives remain obscure.

Hertzog's skills in the military arts have enabled him to rise to the rank of Chief Guardsman for King Olaf. He is disgusted by the fact that the King and Allura have neglected their administrative duties toward the country in critical situations. Because of this, he now cooperates with Queen Catalina in her desire for power. His ultimate goal is to create an ideal country.

Mayte is the keeper of the mansion where the Devil has been sealed away. Mayte has already seen one kingdom fall due to the Devil's evil power, and is concerned that history may well repeat itself. She has warned Allura that if she continues to kill humans foolish enough to enter the mansion, she will slip even further down the path of darkness. Is she does this, she will become nothing more than the Devil's pawn.

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