Dissecta event The Year of Next Gen

Dissecta announces its first event for 2006 'The Year of Next Gen', to be held Tuesday 21 February 2006 at the Australian Games Innovation Centre, in the Atari Building, Melbourne, Australia. The Year of Next Gen will feature Chris Mosely and Martin Wilkes.

Chris' last two games with Bluetongue were Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendency, and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, both innovative world class games. Chris will share his thoughts about next gen in his presentation 'don't panic' covering the basics and hardware differences for next gen platforms, and also delving into next gen as more of a paradigm shift or evolution rather than just a new piece of hardware.

Chris will be joined by Martin Wilkes. Martin will shed some light on the local retail and distribution issues affecting next gen, and in particular issues surrounding the transition period.

The 21 February Dissecta event The Year of Next Gen will start at 7pm and run till at least 8:10 pm, with an audience Q&A.

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