Blackbean attacks Dangerous Waters

Black Bean Games announced they will be bringing the submarine simulation Dangerous Waters to Europe. In Dangerous Waters you can control multiple types of combat platforms including aircraft, helicopters, surface and submarine vessels. This fully loaded submarine simulation lets you engage your enemies on, above and below the water in the most powerful submersibles in the world. Players will be able to launch fully co-ordinated attacks or command the advanced AI to take control leaving the player to use the weapon systems or the sonar or even other units.

The possibilities are literally endless in Dangerous Waters with players being able to use the mission generator to create limitless levels and then share their achievements with the ever growing online submarine community. Dangerous Waters will sail into stores April 2006.

- The Quick Mission generator provides an infinite combination of missions, enemy forces and random locations.
- Perpetual mission structure. How you play has direct influence on later missions.
- Full mission editor that was used by the game's designers included.
- Extensive database of over 270 platforms and weaponr.
- Issue voice commands via microphone to your virtual crew. They will follow your every order.
- Multiplayer support online or over LAN where players can command their own platform or collaborate with other players in "multi station mode" where each player operates individual stations within a craft.
- As a defence contractor, Sonalysts has provided training, analysis, modelling and simulation support to the U.S. Navy for over 30 years.

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