Phelios releases Bunny Bunny

Phelios has announced the release of a new game called Bunny Bunny developed for PC. Taking inspiration from retro-style Japanese arcade games, and using playful and colorful graphics, music and sound, the new game, Bunny Bunny offers casual gamers hours of game play.

With this brain-twisting, thinking puzzle, a monkey is initially trapped inside a frozen ice block. The bunny must push the frozen monkey block onto targeted tiles. If achieved, it releases the monkey from the block and freezes the bunny. The monkey must then follow suit and push the frozen bunny block onto specific tiles. While the monkey is pushing the ice block, his goal is to find the pink tile and place the bunny block of ice over it which turns the tile to blue and releases the bunny. Likewise, the bunny then pushes a frozen monkey block onto a brown tile which will then change the tile to blue whilst releasing the monkey. To conquer levels, all pink and brown tiles must be changed to blue. All levels are timed and the player must solve the level before running out of time.

Within Bunny Bunny, there are obstacles that create further challenges to the game play. Players will find tiles that do not move, making a strategy and plan extremely important in order to win the level. Subsequently, there are tiles that are moveable, but careful placement of them is essential. Additionally, there are some canons that shoot gum balls. If a flying gum ball hits the bunny or bear, the player will lose time while waiting for the victim of the gum ball to stop crying.

Bunny Bunny takes the player through 50 levels, with levels set at different time requirements and incrementally increasing difficulty. This casual gamer's game was designed to fit on a small playing board on the desktop, but the screen size can be enlarged by using F1 on the main menu and selecting 'zoom window' mode.

A free demo version of the game, Bunny Bunny is available to download at the

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