Choose your life in Flatspace II

Cornutopia Software announces the sequel to the open ended space adventure Flatspace. Flatspace II: Rise of the Scarrid adds dozens of new features and improvements to the Flatspace universe, including new guilds, artifacts, and class-specific ships, weapons, and items.

Flatspace II is a top-down space combat and trading game. The game is completely open, players are given command of a space ship and the freedom to explore, hunt and live in the Flatspace galaxy. There are two races in Flatspace II, Human and Scarrid. Though they share many technologies, communication between the races is impossible and skirmishes between the two powers occur frequently. Both governments offer rewards for the destruction of the other's ships.

In Flatspace II every player action carries weight. Those who attack the innocent gain influence in the guild of space pirates, bounty hunters gain reputation as they prey on the criminal elite, and common rock miners eke out a living in remote asteroid clusters.

A free demo is available on the official Flatspace website,

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