Alienware Presents New Area-51 7500 and Aurora 7500 Systems

Alienware, manufacturer of high-performance notebook, desktop, media center, and professional systems is now featuring the new ATI Radeon X1900 graphics card on select desktop systems, including the Area-51 7500 and Aurora 7500.

Loaded with features like ultra-threaded architecture and 90-nanometer technology, the Radeon X1900 elevates the performance of previous-generation Radeon solutions to ensure the highest levels of gaming and digital content creation on Alienware systems.

The Radeon X1900's 48 shader processors work in parallel with Shader Model 3.0 to enhance the surface properties of 3D objects and deliver an extraordinarily realistic gaming experience for Alienware users. The Radeon X1900 utilizes High Dynamic Range technology to provide a wider spectrum of colours within a scene, which allows for brighter lighting
effects and more realistic shadows. Offering more than just a gaming solution, the Radeon X1900 also includes AvivoTM video and display technology, which features the same advancements present in high-end HD TVs and gives Alienware users sharper photos, smoother videos, and universal display connectivity.

Area-51 7500 and Aurora 7500

Dramatically enhanced visuals for the highest level of gaming
and digital content creation
Ultra-threaded architecture
90-nanometer technology
48 Shader Processors to enhance surface properties of 3D objects
High Dynamic Range providing a wider spectrum of colour
AvivoTM video and display technology as appears in high-end HD

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