Wild Water adrenalin - featuring Salomon

The strategic partnership deal between Indie Games Productions, Nobilis and Salomon over the development & creation of a range of outdoor sports video games will materialise in Q1 2006 with the launch of "Wild Water Adrenaline", the 1st white water rafting and kayaking game available for PlayStation2. Snow, earth, asphalt, water and air are the elements that Salomon has chosen for it's gaming territory. What do they all have in common? The absence of limits and rules apart from those already established by riders: creativity, discovery, and the sensation of freedom.

The paradox to this freedom and creativity is that the equipment is key but must at the same time be forgotten. Creative sportspersons, constantly evolving playgrounds without boundaries, equipment and innovative products are the essential ingredients of the magical formula which brings out the Instinct of all "Freedom Action Sports" enthusiasts.

Wild Water ADRENALINE featuring SALOMON
Rollers, breakers, waves, rocks, the river become a wild playground.

Rafting down the river...
Can be played by 4 players simultaneously,
Much bulkier and wider but sturdier than the kayak, the raft is harder to control but much more resistant, allowing you to take on sufficiently wide rivers and fast flowing mountain streams.
Kayaking down the river...
Can be played in solo -1 player,
Easy to handle, it can easily slide through narrow passages and test out watercourses on rivers that are otherwise unreachable.
Rapids in the middle of snow covered mountains, streams crossing forests or lush jungles, enclosed rivers will be the heart of our journey in France, New Zealand, Canada and the US.
3 different game play modes:
Time attack ? time is the essence,
Slalom: up to you to find a path through the obstacles,
Expert: perfect combination of the 2 above modes.
You also have the option to customize the different elements of your Salomon gear & equipment: clothing, helmet, raft, kayak, paddle & oars.

The Freedom Action Sports range is innovative in terms of game play and management of the multi-player mode. In terms of game play, the accent has been put on sensations. Depending on the number of players, the different team members ability to control the raft is modified. A true "team spirit" is necessary to make your journey a true success and pleasure.

All the "Freedom Action Sports" range titles are equipped with the latest 3D technology which is particularly outstanding concerning the imitation of scenery, background decor and the visual aspect of water. Total immersion. The descents are spectacular.

Up to 4 Players
2 players: each player controls one side of the raft. They have to synchronise certain movements to advance.
3 players: the players have to cooperate with the raft leader represented by player 1 at the back of the raft.
4 players: the 2 players on each side of the raft have to synchronise and get along well with each other to make the raft move.

Strong involvement from the Salomon team
The collaboration set up with Salomon for the creation of this new range of sports games is shown through a strong involvement of its riders in each discipline as technical consultants in the heart of the development team. Also like David Arnaud - professional French kayaker ranked number 5 worldwide in freestyle kayak and member of the Salomon team ? you will experience in the kayak descents and raft the most beautiful natural landscapes.

The best riders share with you the most impressive spots in the world and give professional advice, tips and an inside to their sports knowledge across the sport disciplines proposed in the range.

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