War World: Tactical Combat gone Gold

Lighthouse Interactive and developer Third Wave Games announced that their highly anticipated mech shooter War World: Tactical Combat, has reached gold status and will begin shipping throughout Europe on February 17th, 2006. War World is the battleground where ancient enemies must settle age old conflicts through clashes of mechanized warriors in a unique combination of all-out action and active strategy. War World is a planet wide arena dedicated to the art of war. This is the chosen battleground where powerful Mechanized Warriors compete in savage battles to settle age old conflicts.

War World features intense combat with 50 different weapons systems from long-range missiles and mortars, through to the brutal, close-action mini gun. More than just brute force, players will need to utilize a wide range of electronic weapons systems, countermeasures, and advanced surveillance technologies to win the battle. War World, it's the Ultimate Combat experience!

Game Features

Take control of a lightning fast and seriously deadly combat mech
Win battles, earn credits and upgrade your combat mech from 6 different mech classes and over 50 powerful weapon systems with loads of upgrades!
Up to 9 upgrades for each weapon ? missiles, mini-guns, mortars, lasers, mine- launchers and shields
Custom-based ? player created game elements
Smooth control system combining the best of 1st and 3rd person games
100 level singleplayer campaign in 6 difficulty settings
Fast paced and ultra smooth multiplayer action both online and via LAN
4 game modes in both single- and multiplayer

A Lighthouse spokesperson added that localized versions (such as German, French and Spanish) of War World will be going gold the next few days. The official demo will also be arriving next week. For more information keep an eye on our website.

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