Epic announced Meteor Blade

IncaGold announced the signing of Meteor Blade from Interserv. IncaGold has acquired the world-wide rights outside of Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Meteor Blade is a single player action fighting epic based on the novel by Gu Long.

It follows assassin Meng Xing Yun, one of the best in his field, commissioned to kill the influential Sun Yu Bo through enthralling confrontations. He will, however, need your help, as every single one of Sun's cohorts has vowed to protect him from harm.

From as far back as you can remember you have been brought up and trained to be an assassin also. Blessed with almost extrasensory powers of perception and a master of virtually every weapon imaginable, you live for killing as you know little else. This is your life, a life you did not choose. You will support Meng to the end, even with your own life.

"Meteor Blade" will be published by IncaGold throughout Europe in March and April 2006, with a US/Canada, South America and Australia/New Zealand release planned for later in the 2nd quarter.

Features include:
- Beautifully crafted environments that allow for total interaction; running up walls to escape your enemies or launching a surprise attack from the rooftops.
- Extensive and unique weapons and moves to master, from broadswords to throwing knives, to launching combos and special attacks on your enemies.
- The use of Motion Capture ensuring fluidity and choreographed action.

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