New trailer for Tamagotchi Connection

The new trailer for Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop for the Nintendo DS is now available. Featuring playful hand-drawn art style, popular Tamagotchi characters, and an array of shops, players can run and customize their very own boutique stores.

Based on the Tamagotchi virtual pet, Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop allows players to assist Memetchi, Mametchi or Kuchipatchi set up a shop, with the ultimate goal of creating a 'royal' shop that is a favorite of Princess Tamako. Players can also select from a variety of specialty stores, including a bakery, beauty salon, dentist's office, flower shop, and much more.

Once the shop is open, players will help their customers by completing mini games with the Nintendo DS stylus. Players apply makeup, treat cavities, decorate cakes and complete many other shop-specific tasks to earn 'Gotchi' points, the Tamagotchi money unit, and progress towards 'royal' shop status. Shop interiors can also be customized, while cute and cuddly Tamagotchi characters make special appearances throughout the game.

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Features for Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop include:
- Selection of different shops ? bakery, dentist's office, beauty salon and more.
- Choice of three Tamagotchi business partners ? Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi.
- Shop-specific mini games that utilize the Nintendo DS stylus.
- Shop customization options.
- Fun sound effects for each mini game, from cake cutting to filling cavities.

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