Ac!d returns to PSP

Konami of Europe will release Metal Gear Ac!d 2, the sequel to the PlayStation Portable card-based action title. Metal Gear Ac!d 2 is a sequel boasting more cards, massively enhanced visuals, more intuitive control over Snake, and a new 3D viewing system.

Metal Gear Ac!d 2 sees Snake taken captive by a man claiming to be an FBI agent. His captor coaxes Snake into infiltrating a top secret research facility, but is in fact a clever trap devised by the US Military and Venus, a female secret agent in charge of research and overseeing the creation of a third generation Metal Gear mechanoid system. As Snake attempts to defuse this potentially devastating project, he finds himself haunted by images from the past, and faces not only a wealth of tough adversaries, but his personal demons.

Key game advances include the ability to control Snake directly within 'Move' modes, while changing commands are now displayed in real-time to facilitate more rapid actions within action situations. This combines with a wider range of actions, familiar Metal Gear moves such as slinging, crawling, and fighting now all accessible.

Further depth is then added with the number of cards on offer more than doubles from the original game's 200 to a massive 500. These also feature new ideas, such as 'Linkage Cards' which grant the player bonuses, while 'Trap Cards' initiate specific traps tailored to the current location when used.

Also key to card use is the new ability to upgrade cards to make them more powerful, while the innovative 'Cover Fire' system. And with so many new features included, Metal Gear Ac!d 2 now includes a Tutorial Mode to teach newcomers the many intricacies its stunning gameplay offers, and insights into the complex assaults the 500 cards can offer.

The game also enjoys new 3D effects courtesy of the 'Solid Eye' viewing system, which links to the front of the user's PSP and activates a special 3D system, where extensive bonus videos are available throughout the game. Similarly, users can import images taken in the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence for PlayStation 2 and view them via the device, cleverly linking the two games and formats.

Metal Gear Ac!d 2 will be released for PlayStation Portable in Quarter 2, 2006.

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