Skunk Studios launches QBeez 2

Those colorful QBeez are back for more click-happy fun in a long-anticipated sequel to the classic hit casual game. QBeez 2 is the newest release from Skunk Studios. QBeez 2 offers several compelling game modes, including an improved version of the Classic Game.

The element of adventure is also introduced in Quest Mode, whereby players use a fantastical world map to journey into the world of QBeez. Following the map, players must vanquish wild cats, ravenous sharks, and frenetic bees on the path to greatness. In this brand-new mode, players use an elder QBeez' special inventions to complete a multi-stage quest.

QBeez 2 also comes with a Puzzle Mode that introduces an array of pre-built QBeez puzzles for hours of new game play. Using the QBeez Puzzle Maker, players can create and share their own levels with friends and family.

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