Marble Blast Ultra available on the Xbox 360 Live

GarageGames announced the launch of Marble Blast Ultra on Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Marble Blast Ultra is the latest in the classic Marble Blast series. It is an online multiplayer arcade action masterpiece that is suitable for players of any age.

The game takes place in a futuristic 'astrolabe' arena suspended high in the clouds, where players compete with each other by navigating their marbles through moving platforms and dangerous hazards, collecting rare gems and power up enhancements, all in an effort to complete each course in record time. Adding to the fun and excitement, players may compete with up to seven opponents in ultra blast multiplayer mode, where the race to collect gems combines with full on marble bashing to see who ultimately wins all the marbles.

The Torque Shader Engine for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft enriches the game through the use of its graphical features - marbles reflect the world using dynamic cube maps and power-ups glow using the glow shader. Marble Blast Ultra is a visual feast of refractive glass, vividly colored tile, reflective metal, and glowing checkpoints set within a multi-layered, animated sky.

The demo is available for free directly on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade service, which allows for delivery of a wide variety of smaller scale, unique titles that quickly deliver a healthy dose of fun. The full version is available for 800 points.

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