Envizions to unveil the EVO Phase One prototype

Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation has announced that its next generation hybrid media entertainment game console EVO: Phase One will make its first public appearance inside the CoolIT System Inc. booth at this year's E3 Expo Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. A final pre-rendered design will be seen at Envizions website March 31, 2006.

The EVO: Phase One combines a fully functional entry-level PC and EVO customized software in a single box. It will run Microsoft Media Center 2005 and the system will have the ability to run most PC games and software. The system will ship with a remote control and other wireless accessories such as keyboards, mice and PC game controllers will be compatible, the system can be hooked up to a standard TV or HDTV. A PC VGA adapter can be purchased for PC monitors. EVO will allow for customers to upgrade by choice. The system will allow customers to stream EVO game content stored on the hard drive to any wireless Envizions RF router adapter. Encryption security features will be part of the wireless network. The routers will be Linux embedded OS and will not be available until next year, but a prototype model will be at E3.

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