Sacred brings ADESE Award to Ascaron Entertainment

Ascaron Entertainment announce the receipt of a Platinum Award from ADESE (The Spanish Entertainment Software Editors and Distributors Spanish Association) for the successful sale of 80, 000 full price units of their blockbuster title SACRED, throughout Spain. Only five other games have previously reached these figures (Los Incred?bles, Formula One 2004, SingStar Party, Driver 3 (DRIV3R) and Athens 2004)

Sacred is a deep fantasy RPG with intense action hack & slay elements. Sacred pitches you in a world of fantasy-reality, where you immerse yourself in an epic and believable journey throughout the kingdom of Ancaria. The world is set in a medieval-like kingdom, where the player uses his combat skills and magic to battle forces of evil. Sacred features a comprehensive storyline with an immense and heroic background, covering areas of Western and European mythology.

In contrast to games like Diablo (where the player has no real relation to the quests or opponents), Sacred sees the player set in the centre of the narrative conflict. Friends could be in danger, or turn traitor. In this manner Sacred will catch the player on an emotional level. The player becomes personally involved in the different levels of conflict and will discover both allies and enemies as they tread the paths of Sacred.

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