Caravel Games releases DROD Perfection

Caravel Games has released a new expansion for their series Deadly Rooms of Death, DROD. DROD: Perfection is an expansion for Journey to Rooted Hold. Perfection is available only through the CaravelNet membership, an online service on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

DROD is a series of adventure and puzzle games about a dungeon exterminator named Beethro. His adventure begins in DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon when the stingy and questionably ethical King Dugan hires him to take care of a 'small' roach infestation. Perfection begins right where the second game, Journey to Rooted Hold, leaves off. Beethro will encounter a mysterious mathematical cult who take perfectionism to the extreme. You'll have to be a bit of a perfectionist yourself if you want to make it through.

Thousands of rooms await the power of your extermination sword. Free demos of DROD products are available from the Caravel Games website at

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