Rebellion develops PRISM for Playlogic

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. and Rebellion disclosed that Rebellion is developing the anti-terrorism game PRISM. The game is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2006 for PC and is being developed in conjunction with Rival Interactive, which is the liaison between Playlogic and the U.S. Army National Guard. PRISM: Threat Level Red is a first-person shooter game with a blend of stealth operations and fast action gameplay. PRISM is being developed simultaneously with a game for the US Army National Guard; a version of the game which will be used as a recruitment tool by the U.S. Army National Guard and is called PRISM: Guard Shield.

The core PRISM experience focuses on the unconventional application of new and emerging weapons and surveillance technologies in the war against terrorism. The compelling campaign mode contains scenarios that include attacks on key U.S. infrastructures.

PRISM takes place in the very near future with the player becoming the newest member of a highly secretive homeland defense unit known as PRISM. PRISM is also an acronym for 'Pre-emptive Reconnaissance and Identification Security Mainframe', a new computer system that the government is using to wirelessly hack into video surveillance equipment across America.

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