Pinpoint to unveil Neuros

Pinpoint Consumer Electronics is to unveil its new product the Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder at this year's Sound and Vision exhibition in Bristol, along with other leading products from its portfolio. Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder is the latest answer to the VCR but uses a memory card to record TV, films and video onto.

The pocket-sized Neuros Video Recorder enables the user to record TV shows, personal home video or DVDs onto a Compact Flash or Memory Stick Pro Duo card. This can then be played back on the PSP, video iPod, Smartphone, laptop and PDA, and other portable media devices. The Video Recorder also enables the user to play mp3 files through a home stereo and view digital photos on TV.

The end of 2005 saw the launch of Pinpoint's 2 new disc repair systems replacing the original award-winning SkipDR. The SkipDR Advanced, and the SkipDR Automax maintain the same award winning technology as the SkipDR original but also incorporate new design features such as integrated storage, and a new vertical loading system remove scratches from CDs, DVDs, games, photo and data discs that can cause skipping and freezing and interrupt play.

It is easy to bring a disc back to perfect working order using the SkipDR Advanced and SkipDR Automax ? both of which incorporate a vertical disc loading design feature. With the SkipDR Advanced simply spray with the resurfacing fluid provided, insert it into the vertical disc loading area, turn the handle to spin the disc, remove and buff. For those who would prefer an entirely automated process, the SkipDR Automax follows the same principles but incorporates 'auto load' and 'auto eject' features. The SkipDR Automax is battery operated.

The Nyko Theatre Experience is designed to enhance the overall functionality and play quality. The stylish brushed aluminium black case holds the built-in rechargeable battery that adds 7 hours additional play time, amplified hi-fi stereo speakers and the PSP system stand that opens to the ideal PSP viewing angle. A form-fitted lining that keeps the PSP safe and secure.

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