Stormlord comes to Symbian smartphones

Telcogames released a new version of the classic side-scrolling platform game Stormlord, created specifically for Symbian smartphones and exclusively licensed from Ironstone Partners Ltd. under licence from Rebellion.

Like all classic video games, the plot is fairly simple. The player takes the role of a warrior, fighting to free the fairy race who have been kidnapped by the evil queen Badh. Cue a whirlwind of jumping, fighting, puzzle solving and rescuing.

Within the game, the player can fire bolts of energy, or huge broadswords, depending upon how long the fire button is pressed. Platforms, locked doors, trapped fairy folk and even springboards ensure that each level is challenging, complex and fun. With dozens of enemies and one touch causing certain death, players will have to use all of their skill and precision to survive and conquer. From Venus fly traps and blood sucking leeches, through to huge dragons and giant eagles, the action never stops. In addition, there are bonus levels throughout the game, which allow the player to collect extra points.

The Smartphone version of Stormlord has been created by Magic Productions, Telcogames' own internal development team. Stormlord is compatible with the following Series 60 handsets:Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6670, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, N70 and N90.

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