Party games get Dirty for the MTV generation

Popular party games are set to experience a revival, with a brand new twist based on the irreverent MTV programme Dirty Sanchez, thanks to MTV and mobile content publisher, InfoSpace. Launch of the UK's first one-handset multi-player mobile game transforms games like Pass-the-Parcel, Simon Says, Charades and Spin the Bottle, normally relegated to kids and family parties, into exuberant forfeit-based games.

Dirty Sanchez is the 21st Century compilation of these classic games. There are eight crazy games within the Dirty Sanchez title and over 50 fun forfeits the losers have to complete. Players can even add their own forfeits on to the game, ensuring everyone is entertained.

The Dirty Sanchez Game

Two to unlimited players can take part. The games which comprise the Dirty Sanchez title include:
All Back to Mime - a mime game where Dirty Sanchez chooses both the mime and the forfeit for failing to guess the answer
Jack in the Box - each player winds up the Jack-in-the-box with the player who pops it having to perform the forfeit displayed on the phone screen
Rhythm - A karaoke for your thumbs with each player having to tap out an ever more complex rhythm on the phone's keys
Pass the Phone - Pass the parcel, only the parcel is the mobile phone, and whenever the music stops, the forfeit begins
Reaction Test - All eyes and ears on the mobile phone in the middle of the table and when the music stops, he who holds the phone, decides who pays the forfeit
Left and Right - Pass the parcel with a twist, mini-forfeits every few turns and a full-fat forfeit for the loser
Spin the Mobile - A game for unlimited number of players, simply spin the phone on a table and whoever it ends up pointing to completes the forfeit
Simon Says - Remember and enter increasingly tricky sequences of numbers displayed on the phone. Get it right and the phone moves to the next player, but get it wrong and it's forfeit time!

A selection of forfeits
The lads from Dirty Sanchez compiled over 50 forfeits for their first ever mobile game. A few include:

Kiss another persons bare feet
Call the 1st person in your contact list, tell them you love them, then hang up
Stare at the ceiling for the remainder of the game
Show everyone the worst part of your body
Accuse the person to your right of stealing your innocence
Stick a finger in each of your nostrils until the end of the game
Pretend you are a helicopter until your next go
Make calming whale noises until your next go

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