Mobile Distillery Announces Commercial Launch of Celsius 3.0

3GSM Barcelona will see the introduction of a major version of its automation solution for porting Java Mobile applications across all mobile phones. Mobile Distillery announced the commercial launch of version 3.0 of Celsius, its automation solution for porting and optimising Java Mobile applications across more than 300 mobile phones.

The launch takes place at 3GSM World Congress 2006 (Barcelona, Spain 13-16 February 2006). Previously in production at a number of selected customer sites, Celsius enables interactive Mobile Java applications to be ported rapidly across more than 300 telephones, with a radical time-to-market acceleration as a result. "During the course of 2005, Mobile Distillery has worked with customer feedback and provided Celsius with multiple innovative features", explains Vincent Berge, co-founder and general manager of Mobile Distillery.

Technology innovation
Celsius is based upon more than five years development of an exclusive technology, which includes powerful software optimisation algorithms. This new version is stronger, more flexible and highly integrated into the developers' workflow. Celsius has already been used to develop over 30 mobile applications, by customers such as Anxa, Exkee and Visiware or Kuju Entertainment.

The main benefits of Celsius 3.0 include:
Simplification of Java Mobile application development, allowing developers to focus entirely on the application itself and to perform intermediate porting at any time during development. Optimised management of sprites (graphic animations), sounds, fonts and Multilanguage versions via a specialised pre-processor and powerful compression softwares.

Correction and management of 90 to 95% of device specific bugs
Reduction of the porting cycle from 3-4 weeks to just a few hours or days
Integration in the programming workflow
Reduction of porting costs
Possibility of last-minute modifications
Simplified management of updates for forthcoming mobile phone models
A fast-growing sector

Gartner's market forecast for 2007-2008 anticipates the availability of over 500 mobile phones, all with distinct performance levels, resolutions and functionality*. "Mobile device fragmentation has been identified as a major problem hindering uptake of new services. Java has therefore, become the most widely available technology, used on some 80% of mobile phones", Eric Lemar?chal continues. "Celsius provides the perfect answer in this environment as it introduces highly innovative solutions, configured to address optimisation and porting to over 300 currently available mobiles. Its flexibility and power enables customers to generate "ready to use" versions on each device in a fully optimised way."

Celsius 3.0 will be available from mid-February 2006, with prices ranging from ?5.000-30.000 per project, depending on the required number of existing phones and updates for forthcoming models. Mobile Distillery will be demonstrating its solution at 3GSM Barcelona on the G88/G89 stand "Smart Communication Valley".

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