Matrix Games Brings Home a Crown of Glory

Matrix Games ( is proud to announce that the sensational Napoleonic wargame, Crown of Glory ( by Western Civilization Software, has won War Game of the Year from the War-Historical newsgroup, one of the most popular destinations for wargame fans.

In addition to taking top honors, Gary Grigsby's World at War received the bronze third place award. Other Matrix products held positions #4 through #6 - War Plan Orange, Battles in Italy, and Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes.

Crown of Glory places you at the helm of your nation's army, navy, economy, diplomacy, research and development. Napoleonic grand strategy has never come alive like this before! If you enjoy commanding divisions of soldiers, winning fleet battles as well as managing economic resources, trade, espionage and detailed diplomacy, Crown of Glory is the game for you!

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