Mobile+Pet: Silicon Seeds introduces a revolutionary mobile title

The Spanish company Silicon Seeds, and the Studio Devilish Games are announcing the launch of My Mobile+Pet, in Spain, one of the funniest and most innovative videogames that has been developed nowadays.

Thanks to My Mobile+Pet we'll be able to have on our mobile a whole virtual pet, recreating in a realistic way all type of reactions that are going to surprise us, for example its behaviour, will reflect and depend on how we take care of it and how we educate it. But this new title includes much more possibilities that make it a game suitable for the general public.

We'll have to make sure that our mascot will be well fed, will be entertained, or that its mood will be maintained at the highest level possible. In order to do so we'll play with it and we'll give it candies. Besides, our mascot will have a development based on 12 different steps, each one corresponding to its humour, that's why the education part we are to embody is fundamental.

Can you imagine that it likes better one type of food than other, or that its personality can vary? Well with My Mobile+Pet you'll have to overcome these challenges just. It will bring to mobiles limitless entertainment and affection never seen before on this series of cell phones.

We can't neglect aspects like education, hygiene, or getting it used to reading when it's little so as to make him like reading books, or making him like eating vegetables. But not everything means obligations for our mascot. Giving him candies, reading him fairy-tales, making him playing ball or taking the best Picture of him will make him happy, and therefore it will make its owner happy as well.

Those and much more surprises is what My Mobile+Pet is hiding from you, one of the titles the more revolutionary and entertaining that has been Developed for mobiles nowadays.

At the moment the enterprise Silicon Seeds dedicates its work to the research of distribution enterprises of both Spanish and foreign contents that would welcome its product portfolios My Mobile+Pet.

For more information we invite you to view our specifications elaborated by our boys from to the following website address:,

where we'll be able to find screenshots, reviews and shopping zones.

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