Xfire Blazes Past Three Million Registered Users

Xfire, Inc., the most complete, all-in-one PC gaming application in the world, announced its free service is used by over three million registered users. Xfire has simplified gaming with a compelling set of features including next features...

Friend List for Gamers ? Xfire users can see when their gamer friends are online and what games they are currently playing.
One-Click Join ? Xfire users can see what games their friends are playing and use the one-click join feature to play alongside their friends instantly.
Xfire In-Game Messaging ? Xfire users can send and receive instant messages while playing in many games without having to minimize or Alt-Tab out of the game.
Stats Tracking ? Through automatically updated player profiles, Xfire displays what games users are playing and how many hours they have played them.
File Downloads ? Xfire's file download system delivers demos, patches, trailers, and other files to users via a closed peer-to-peer distribution system.
Voice Chat ? Xfire allows gamers to talk to each other over a private peer-to-peer chat network.

Xfire continues to have remarkable growth as it is the perfect tool not only for hardcore gamers but for moderate gamers as well. Xfire is also one of the biggest organizers of online video gaming events in the world today having run over 40 events gathering over 100, 000 gamers in the US and in the EU. Because of its rapidly growing, highly engaged user base, Xfire's advertising customers include brands such as Pepsi, Dodge, Unilever, Electronic Arts, Fox Studios, and many more that want to reach gamers and males age 18-34.

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