World Cyber Games Featured on 60 Minutes This Weekend

Over 55, 000 came to Singapore for the Grand Final and now millions more will get to see it on TV as the World Cyber Games will be highlighted in a pro-gamer story broadcast on 60 Minutes (CBS network) this Sunday, January 23.

Viewers can expect to see WCG footage from the biggest e-Sports event in the world as well as interviews with WCG Hall of Fame inductees and two-time Counter-Strike gold medal winners Team 3D.

With more than $2.5 million in prizes distributed worldwide and over 1 million participants, the World Cyber Games is the by far the biggest professional gaming tournament around. The subject of the 60 Minutes profile is pro-gamer Jonathan Wendel, aka Fatal1ty, who got his start competing in WCG tournaments as did Yohan Lim, the most popular pro gamer of all time with over 500, 000 members in his fan club and an annual salary that regularly matches that. Please tune in to encourage more stories like this and spread the word!

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