Halo 2 Major League Gaming Free For All Rocks Xbox Live Tonight!'s Halo 2 MLG FFA competition has gained the support of 2K Games! Currently featured on the Xbox Live Calendar, this tournament has already doubled in size from its initial conceived capacity from 72 participants to 144; with over 60 gamers on standby should any of the primary players not be able to make it.

Born from requests from the community for a UK only MLG (Major League Gaming) event; the popular competitive game settings has contributed in making this MatchBox360 most popular and successful event to date!

Now on the day of the competition, 2K Games have stepped in to show their support by providing prizes for those who demonstrate the skill determination, and knowledge to make it through enough of the competition to get to the final stage. Players will need to make the progression from the starting 24 groups of six players to get to the final six who qualify for prizes. This event has turned into something of a first step for UK gamers who want to start to make a reputation for themselves on the Xbox Live.

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