Legion Arena Embraces Cult Of Mithras

Slitherine in association with Black Bean and Strategy First, announced the Cult of Mithras, a downloadable mini expansion for Legion Arena; it's hugely popular Role Playing Strategy Game. The Cult of Mithras is set in the boundaries between history and mythology. Can you keep the gods happy and find your way to Elysium? You can: command vast armies in epic 3D battles, personalise your army by recruiting new troops, equipping them, allocating skills and textures, enjoy detailed combat model designed by a double world wargaming champion.


Deploy your troops and issuing orders before battle, real time control in battle using our innovative order time system
Every unit has strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to use your strengths and exploit your enemies weaknesses.
Real terrain effects - cavalry are weaker in woods, light infantry are weaker in the open.
Easy to learn, hard to master.
35 new battles
7 new campaigns
5 new unit types including Fire Demons, Shadow Warriors and Ghost Legions
Enhanced storyline that will really suck you in
Linked battles that prevent healing casualties between and add a whole new layer of strategy
New graphical effects
New specialist equipment
Battle speed controller
Bolts on to Legion Arena allow players to take their personalised armies on new adventures.

Cult of Mithras is due for release in February 2006 and requires a full working version of Legion Arena. Website: Legion Arena Official Site ?

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