Close Combat RAF Regiment from CSO Simtek

CSO Simtek Ltd announces that the Alpha of Close Combat RAF Regiment is now in testing. CCRAFRegt is a modification of Close Combat Marine under License from Destineer, for the British RAF Regiment, and will become part of their training programme as a Tactical Decision-making Simulator at the Squad or Small Team level. This is also part of the ongoing work on the engine Synision powering a new simulation tentatively called Tactical Reality. Its envisioned that TR that will become the next simulation to take over from the CC Series. The new engine is being worked on for both commercial and military applications with the USMC heavily involved.

As well as graphic changes in order to make it personal to the RAF Regiment, this iteration of Close Combat introduces several new features:
- Multiplayer is now 5 on 5, making 10 concurrent sessions possible.
- Battle Replay, had to be rebuilt. This includes Multiplayer sessions.
- Some of the functions previously built into the executables have been re-engineered for easier modification.
- Maps do not require any special handling. The limitations of CCM have been removed, and Maps can be copied into the relevant location, and will automatically be picked up by the Editor .

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