A beautiful land brimming with adventure

Amaranth Games has released Version 1.0 of Aveyond, Windows role-playing game that contains 60 engrossing quests, 50 hours of game play, and hordes of secrets to uncover. Aveyond is for both kids and adults who love fantastic adventures.

Kids can enjoy a game that encourages problem solving, not violence, and adults can experience the nostalgia of the 'good old days' of gaming. Aveyond is a single-player game that does not focus on violence; instead, the game relies on an addictive story, subtle humor, and an atmosphere that soothes the senses.

Rhen is a young girl from a village tucked away in the highlands. A twist of fate draws her away from her village to an exotic land where she is forced into slavery. When it is discovered that she can use sword magic, however, she is released and sent to the prestigious school of magic, Shadwood Academy. At Shadwood Academy, Rhen grows strong in her powers, only to discover that she is tied to a great evil at the heart of a dark prophecy.

Aveyond is packed with a variety of features including large maps, hundreds of characters, a party system, strategy-based battles, and pets. Additional features include the ability to save a game at any time, join magic guilds, dig up graves, marry the characters to one another, ride dragons, and more.

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