Glu Announces the Launch of Diner Dash for Mobile Phones

Glu Mobile, creator and global publisher of mobile entertainment, announced the launch of Diner Dash for mobile phones. The original downloadable version of Diner Dash for Mac and PC, which has been the No. 1 title on major game sites like Yahoo! Games, MSN Games and, was published by PlayFirst, the leading full-service publisher of downloadable popular games for the PC. Diner Dash for mobile has already made a big splash with reviewers.

The PC version of Diner Dash, developed by the award-winning studio gameLab, has consistently held a top-10 spot on all of the major online game sites.

Diner Dash follows former stockbroker Flo as she quits her day job, rolls up her sleeves and grows a fledgling roadside diner into a five star restaurant. Players must guide Flo as she serves customers and earns money to build her business. Better service results in higher tips and more money means more improvements, such as additional seating and nicer diner amenities.

Features include:
- Forty levels of gameplay set in four unique restaurant themes in Career Mode
- A non-stop, steady stream of customers to serve in Endless Mode
- Five different customer types, including important food critics
- Coffee, drinks and appetisers to keep customers satisfied during busy periods
- Bonus tips for seating and other restaurant activities

Diner Dash is available to customers on major wireless carriers throughout North America and will be available on carriers worldwide from March onwards. For more information, visit

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