ex-Special-Forces instructors offer unique Gamer Reality events

First-Person Shooters are played for the adrenalin rush but that's nothing compared to the thrill of teaming up for a 'Gamer Reality' event run by Stirling Services. Says who? Well, everyone who's ever taken part in one of Stirling's All-Out-War or Close-Quarters-Battle scenarios.

And that includes, just recently, high-flyers from a dozen firms in the electronic games and personal computer arenas. They teamed up to plan and carry out a hostage-rescue aircraft-assault in Mission : Own The Competition.

Having stripped off their assault gear and gas masks and laid down their low-pressure Airsoft guns, all the rescuers left genuinely thrilled, if just a little bruised. There was much talk of coming back for more ? either for themselves or as a business opportunity for their firms.

Don't miss the links further down this release for downloadable videos from Mission : Own The Competition (especially the out-takes video!) and for in-depth reports by HEXUS.gaming editor Nick Haywood on this mission and other Stirling Services' Gamer Reality events.

Stirling Services is staffed and run by former military and special-forces instructors, many of them ex-SAS. As one of the world's top military-related professional-services providers, it offers numerous approved courses covering all aspects of security training. Responding to global conflict is another serious side of Stirling Services' business, providing the world's best combat veterans to deal with the very toughest of situations.

This is why no one is better equipped than Stirling Services to mastermind and stage realistic Close-Quarters-Battle recreational events. It's also why the phrase 'Gamer Reality' accurately describes these hugely enjoyable and safely-run events held under the banner of We Care Who Wins.

Mission : Own The Competition took place on and around Stirling Services' very own Boeing 727 chassis! The event, put on to celebrate the successful launch of the HEXUS.gaming channel, was co-hosted by Stirling Services and - an almost unprecedented occurrence in which the journalists, for once, weren't on the receiving end of the hospitality but, instead, dishing it out.

Guests at the event came from AMD, ARMARI, ASUSTeK, ATI Technologies, Corsair, ECS ELITEGROUP, Intel, MicroDirect, more2, NVIDIA, PowerColor, SCAN Computers and Vivendi.

Other joint events are planned for 2006. members ? if willing to prise themselves away from their PCs - will be able to hone their combat skills and experience the adrenaline-pumping action that comes from engaging their mortal enemies face to face. What's more, they WILL live to fight another day.

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