First Class Simulations launches EZ-Scenery

First Class Simulations announced the launch in the UK, Scandinavia and Germany of EZ-Scenery ? the way to the easy creation and design of scenery for Flight Simulator sessions. Many users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 know that there are already many 3D objects that are part of the updated product's 2004 library. What is less well known is that this library contains hundreds of unique 3D objects. For example, the Empire State Building that is part of the New York City scenery is actually a 3D object from the FS 2004 library. So is the Eiffel Tower which is part of the Paris scenery.

Along with these two highly specialized 3D objects are many more generic 3D objects: square buildings, rectangular high rises, single family homes, multiple family dwellings, sports stadiums, transportation vehicles plus many more.

The beauty of EZ-Scenery is its ability to use this huge built-in library of 3D objects to create entirely new scenery. Using this exciting new package, you can precisely place these 3D objects anywhere in the Flight Simulator world. And for those of you who want to add new custom 3D objects you'll be able to import several popular formats to use with EZ-Scenery including Flight Simulator Design Studio and Airport API's. So, decide if you want to simply add your own house to the Flight Simulator world or create an entirely new paradise. After you've installed EZ-Scenery, select from the new menu added to your main Flight Simulator menu. You can then start creating and even sharing the fruits of your creative genius with your friends.

EZ-Scenery will be available from 3rd February 2006.

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