Prairie Games releases Minions Of Mirth

Prairie Games, Inc announced that its role-playing game, Minions of Mirth, is now available for download. The game is available for Windows and OSX.Prairie Games, Inc hosts the complimentary PrairieWorld server and there are community hosted worlds to play on as well. Minions of Mirth is also fully playable in single player with no internet connection.

To download the free demo visit

Minions of Mirth Features:
- Auto-patcher that delivers immediate content and feature upgrades.
- Full single player support.
- Player vs Environment and Player vs Player multiplayer.
- No monthly service fees for multiplayer.
- Form your own party of up to 6 characters. Join other players in online alliances with up to 36 characters.
- 16 playable classes, 12 playable races, Multiclass characters in three careers up to level 100.
- 3 playable realms: Fellowship of Light, Minions of Darkness, and the Monster Realm.
- 14 huge and diverse zones to explore.
- Unlock monster templates to create your own stable of monsters.
- Fight the onslaught of vast armies in epic battles.
- A tremendous amount of unique NPC's, creatures, items, and quests.
- 2 hours of original music.

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