Namco Networks Launches New Collection Of Game Ringtones

Namco Networks, publisher and developer of wireless games and content, launched its latest series of videogame ringtones, available to subscribers of Namco's ringtone service, PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner. Exclusively available through PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner, the new ringtones include sounds from Katamari Damacy and its recently released sequel, We Love Katamari.

New ringtones from the hit games series Tekken, Ace CombatTM, and Time Crisis are also available, along with ringtones from classics PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga and Sonic the Hedgehog by SEGA. PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner distributes game ringtones from many of Namco's other popular console and arcade games as well as from the games of other game publishers.

Namco Networks continues to be the only game publisher with an application dedicated to video game ringtones and a large catalog of video game-based true tones. Namco Networks plans to continue expanding its ringtone catalog with exclusive content from more Namco games as well as from games of other publishers.

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