Casuality Seattle announces Bing Gordon as key speaker

Casual Games Association announced that Casuality Seattle: A Conference for Game Developers, Publishers and Distributors will be held at Benaroya Hall in Downtown Seattle on the 27th and 28th of June 2006. Networking and full day workshops for independent game developers and business and marketing executives will be held at Benaroya Hall on the 29th of June 2006.

Casuality Seattle is focused on the specific needs of game developers, publishers and distributors throughout the world on all delivery methods: download, online, retail and mobile. Casuality Seattle is one of a series of conference and networking events designed to facilitate the growth and maturation of the gaming industry through education and community collaboration.

Bing's long history in the games industry and his expertise makes him the perfect keynote to discuss casual games and the valuable lessons that the entire industry can learn from the genre. Bing will help attendees explore the casual gaming market, drawing from EA's experiences with leading online games sites and Club Pogo.

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