Boeing 727 "Whisperjet"

This breathtaking expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 challenges you to take command. Over three years in development with a GMAX model featuring full moving parts, reflective textures and dynamic shine, this expansion takes flight simulation to a new dimension. The Dreamfleet Boeing 727 is the first Flight Simualtor aircraft to feature the award winning Reality XP WX500 colour weather radar as standard equipment which, if bought as a stand-alone product would cost almost as much as this entire expansion

An Airliner for real pilots. You have control...

This luxury boxed CD-ROM release features the best 727 yet for Flight Simulator: NEW gauge functions, sounds, flight models and model updates. Included are five "never seen before" 727 models including a 727-200 passenger and freighter version with winglets and three Super 27s. 32 installed liveries PLUS an additional 33 official Dreamfleet repaint templates!

Designed to be representative of the majority of 727s in service around the world, this expansion demands to be flown by charts and checklists, not FMC and Autoland. Just as well the 64 page printed manual will lead you gently into the Captain's seat as you take control...

Captain, First Officer, Overhead, centre pedestal and Flight Engineer's panels are photo-realistically created in both virtual 3D and 2D views. The independently switched gauge and flood night lighting has been confirmed as "stunningly authentic" by actual 727 pilots. The high-workload cockpit captures the essence of flying a non-automated aircraft by the numbers. A cold-start to final shutdown flight tutorial takes you through the procedures, using the performance charts and checklists from a comprehensive 172 page Aircraft Operations Manual and 76 page Quick Reference Handbook included on the disc.

Experience the passenger window 3D views over the wings, with movement so real that your stomach tightens on approach and landing as you see the flaps extend and spoilers deploy.

External views scream "attention to detail" with full moving parts including landing gear with highly detailed gear bay, rotating wheels, triple slotted flaps, slats and spoilers, opening passenger and cargo doors with modelled interiors and much, much more.

Exclusively designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004 this expansion demands that you hone your flying and navigation skills and be a real pilot!

Having features too numerous to mention here, Dreamfleet have set up a special web site dedicated to this 727 where you will be able to read the latest information and news on the product, see many additional screenshots, retrieve accessory downloads, obtain technical support, and discuss the 727 with other virtual 727 pilots.

System Requirements

Windows ? Windows XP
Processor ? 1.8GHz
Memory ? 512Mb
Hard Drive ? 500Mb free
Video Card ? 128Mb

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