iGames goes on a mission with Counter-Strike competition

iGames announced the addition of Counter-Strike: Source to its popular Game Nights, which will include a variety of events from local LAN parties to a massive nationwide 3-month ladder program destined to go down as the most intense ladder competition ever held at game centers.

The ladder is open to everyone and will consist of team matches held every Tuesday night from January through March at 100 iGames member centers across North America. It will feature intense multiplayer action with thousands of gamers competing in teams of five for top prizes, including copies of Valve's Day of Defeat: Source, Intel processors, NVIDIA graphics processors and other surprises from partner sponsors. Each week there will be new prizes, as well as special raffles of Valve hats, strategy books, T-shirts, posters, and limited-edition postcards for all attendees.

As with most iGames ladders, the competition will unfold in three phases. Phase one, January 10 & 17, will be the pre-season, allowing gamers of all levels to engage in preliminary competitions for two weeks before the hardcore action begins. Phase two will begin on January 24, the official start of the ladder. Competition will then expand to 5-v-5 non-stop gameplay hosted on Verizon Game Network servers. Phase three, March 21 & 28, will be the climax, as the best players frag it out to see who will take home the best prizes and the glory.

In addition to the players expected to compete in the ladder, thousands more are expected to come to the Game Night for evenings of fun play and to cheer on their friends. Those interested in taking part in the Game Night activities at their local game center are strongly recommended to register as soon as possible at their nearest participating iGames center, as slots have already begun to fill up. To register or simply find out how their favorite players are doing in the competition, gamers and spectators are encouraged to check the special Game Night/Ladder mini-site accessible online from the iGames events menu.

For a complete list of iGames game centers hosting the competition as well as details on other upcoming iGames events, including signup information, visit

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