GarageGames releases TubeTwist

GarageGames announced at MacWorld 2006 the exclusive release of TubeTwist, the game by 21-6 Productions. TubeTwist takes gamers on an incredibly engrossing puzzle adventure through 5 exotic worlds and over 80 mystical and increasingly challenging levels.

The renowned scientist in charge of Project TubeTwist has gone missing. In an attempt to find the professor, gamers must reconstruct her experiments and solve the mystery of her disappearance. This is accomplished by constructing a machine that will guide the professor's famous Macroton devices from their starting positions to a final reactor tube where their energy will be extracted and stored for later use. Over thirty different tubes of various shapes and sizes must be combined to complete the machines including spirals, switches, anti-gravity devices, twisty turns, and precipitous drops.

TubeTwist is available to purchase for both Windows and Macintosh platforms at

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