Konami of Europe's online quiz offers ultra rare white PSP

Konami of Europe's UK division has announced a new competition linked to its online quiz game Going for Goal, part of its ongoing promotion of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 video game. Launched to coincide with the PlayStation 2, PC-DVD, Xbox and PlayStation Portable versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 in November, Going for Goal is a web-based game designed to test the user's knowledge of football trivia as they attempt to score goals against a strict time limit. The play area is split into two coloured formations, each representing those taking part.

As a clock ticks away, the player is asked a series of multiple-choice questions. On correctly answering one, the ball is passed forward towards the opposition goal, while getting it wrong sees the CPU or second player gain possession. If the user strings together a succession of correct answers, a goal is scored and the player is rewarded with gameplay footage from Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

Further incentive to play has now been added in the form of a very rare white PSP handheld system and a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 for the format. Going for Goal players can register for a prize draw to win this coveted prize, with the competition closing at the end of January, while the site will continue until March.

To play, please visit

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