Postal producers make end run around censorship

Running With Scissors has cut through the bureaucratic, political and censorial red tape to make the Postal computer games universally available. The move will also give the Postal video game franchise a passport to the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa and China.

RWS has inked a deal with Softwrap which will allow the Postal game line to be sold virtually anywhere on the globe through a simple online transaction. Thanks to Softwrap's ability to deal in a wide range of foreign currencies and pay systems, RWS games will now be delivered to anyone, anywhere via online access.

Running With Scissors developed and published the inimitable video game Postal, which presented the player as an average individual known only as the Postal Dude who, through a series of unfortunate events, is driven to violence that escalates through both the game itself as well as a series of supplemental add-on action-adventures. Products such as Postal 2; the multi-player Postal 2: Share the Pain and the explosive climactic installment, Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend have sold millions of copies around the world and the Postal universe will also be transformed into a major motion picture for release in 2007.

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