Major League Baseball to utilize Inside Edge technology

2K Sports announced that Major League Baseball 2K6 will fully utilize and integrate the innovative scouting tools from Inside Edge. Major League Baseball 2K6, with the help of the most comprehensive scouting data of Inside Edge, will recreate the real-life tendencies and decisions of Major League pitchers and batters.

Inside Edge powers the behaviors and the artificial intelligence of every virtual athlete in Major League Baseball 2K6. Through an in-depth scouting report compiled over the last 3 years, thousands of stat categories have been painstakingly recorded based on numerous factors. Inside Edge will utilize the comprehensive data and advanced decision-making to determine the type of pitch delivered and batting tendencies in any situation. Gamers will now feel the pressure in executing a clutch-winning hit against a fireball-throwing closer and the exhilaration of striking a CPU batter out during a scoring situation. Inside Edge delivers the human element and behaviors of real-life MLB players into Major League Baseball 2K6.

Major League Baseball 2K6 is the exclusive and only officially licensed Major League Baseball video game to appear on every major gaming console including the Xbox 360 and Xbox video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft, the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the PlayStationPortable system and the Nintendo GameCube. Major League Baseball 2K6 is slated to release in spring 2006.

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